iPhone Homeschooling – Project Noah

Project Noah is pretty much the coolest app….EVAH!  I downloaded it a few weeks ago, because it sounded interesting, it was free, and I wanted to try it and review it.  I didn’t realize I would be falling in love.  *heart*

If you are a nature loving geek like me, or a mom using the Charlotte Mason method (which is big on nature study), then this is the app for you!  If offers amazing field guide opportunities, and a global community effort for observing and learning about the natural world around us.  You can read more about the project here.


When you log in, you have the option to document a new “spotting,” accept a mission, or check out what badges you have earned for previous spottings and missions.

Missions can be featured, local, or global.  The choice is yours.


 In the image below, I have selected “local.”


This is one of the “global” missions – a best wildlife picture.  Some of the prizes are amazing!


One of the “featured” missions for this week is for earth day.  YAY!


You can opt to view the field guide in a number of ways.  AND you can upload a photo of a subject that you are unsure of, and find out what it is.  How cool is that?!?!


This is an example of a local upload to the field guide.  It literally makes us all part of a global nature study effort.  I love that!


This app is free in the iTunes app store, and is available for both iPhone and the iPad.  It’s also available for the Android.


One thought on “iPhone Homeschooling – Project Noah

  1. Diana says:

    This is awesome, had the boys down load it on their iPods now, and on my I pad, but right now I am wishing I had the iPhone so I could have Internet…without paying for it! Lol thanks again!

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