Good & Bad Things

So, things have been a little neglected here…again.  I have a good (and bad) reason!

The good:

I spent most of last week busy with schooling and activities (like always), but I was also preparing for a “Charlotte Mason Tea” in my home this past Monday night.  I prepared a PowerPoint presentation with the most important information about the CM method, and 10 moms came over to nosh on refreshments and learn about homeschooling the CM way.  It was so much fun!  We talked briefly about having some additional classes to break down things like choosing living books, and how to get good narrations.  I am encouraged and excited.

The bad:

My family has been sick with a stomach bug.  It has hit all five of us in one form or another.  The only thing anyone has wanted to do is watch TV and veg out.  We have watched several movies together in semi-misery.  LOL.

As for the blog, I have 10 posts in draft right now, including a continuation of “CM Monday.”  I hope to be caught up with that theme soon, so I can actually contribute to the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival on a regular basis.

So, don’t disappear on me!  There is a new post on deck for tomorrow, and a new app review for Friday.


One thought on “Good & Bad Things

  1. Traci's Teaching Times says:

    Oh Becky, hope you guys are feeling better. Don’t worry about trying to keep your blog up right now. Everyone just get well. We all perfectly understand. We’ll keep dropping by to see when you have a new post.

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