iPhone Homeschooling – BrainPOP

BrainPOP has created a free app for iPhone and iPad users.  Most homeschoolers are familiar with BrainPOP’s main website, right?  It’s a subscriber-based educational site with videos on a variety of subjects, quizzes, and more!  We subscribed to BrainPOP Jr. at one point, but found we didn’t use it enough to justify the cost of keeping it.  I know plenty of other families who use it regularly.

Anyway, the BrainPOP app is free in the iTunes app store, and features a “video of the day.”

The videos follow the typical format of question and answer.  It’s exactly like the videos at BrainPOP.com.


The kids can take a quiz when they are done with the video.


You can also peruse older featured videos, which are organized by subject.


The library of videos is not as extensive as the paid site, obviously, but it’s free!  You can’t beat that!


The kid and I enjoy watching the videos periodically, especially when waiting.  These have been a big hit in the car, in waiting rooms, etc.  The price is right, and the videos can really enhance learning opportunities, especially when the topic is something you might not have thought about covering before – like Latin music!



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