Photosynthesis Lesson Plan

We’ll begin our photosynthesis lesson with a very cool animated module, from the 4-H Virtual Forest.

Then, I will have the kids study the photosynthesis process depicted in this nifty animation, and draw their own version.

We’ll also watch this one from PBS, called “Illuminating Photosynthesis.”

Just for fun, and because I am a fan, we’ll be learning this song from They Might be Giants:


As always, narration will take place once I am sure the kids understand the process!


Vocabulary Words to Know (some may be repeats – good for review!):

1. Photosynthesis

2. Chloroplast

3. Chlorophyll

4. Carbon dioxide

5. Cellulose

6. Pigment

7. Carotenoid

8. Stomata

9. Carbon fixing

10. Calvin cycle



As always, the experiment will be simple and use common materials.  This one will be a little bit long term, but we will expose two plants to two different kinds of light – one to natural sunlight and one to artificial fluorescent light.  We will observe how they grow under these different conditions and track our observations.  Easy, peasy!



2 thoughts on “Photosynthesis Lesson Plan

  1. april pages says:

    this is a fabulous lesson on photosythesis! Thanks so much for making this available. My students are going to love this!

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