Garden Fever!

I have the worst case of ‘garden fever’ this spring!  I didn’t have a garden last year because we had just moved to a new city and my backyard was small.  Plus, learning about gardening in the Mojave desert is a little bit of a learning curve after living in the Mid-Atlantic.

My backyard is still the same postage stamp it was last year, but I have decided to grow a few things in containers, at the very least.

I just planted three types of tomatoes – roma, cherry, and beefsteak – as well as red bell peppers, cilantro, and sweet basil.


I am contemplating planting some sugar snap peas in hanging pots.  Something like this, but maybe compantion planted with sweet peas.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?

In any case, I am excited to see my little seeds sprout and turn into thriving plants.  I am anxious for a taste of my first tomato of the season.

Do you have plans for a garden this year?  Big or small?  Are you a gardening newbie, or a veteran?


2 thoughts on “Garden Fever!

  1. Petra says:

    soooooooo ready to get the garden going…doing the usual stuff: cucumbers, various melons, bell peppers, squash, zucchini, okra…my leeks from last year are popping back up…
    new stuff this year: we are doing strawberries & starting our grape plants!

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