Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series – For Kindle

I was able to convert text files of Charlotte Mason’s Homeschool Series into kindle format, and wanted to share them with my readers.

Original Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series – Six Volumes

You should be able to easily download all six volumes to your kindle.  If you are unsure of how to add files that are not from amazon, here are the steps:

1. Save the files from the website I linked to above.

2. Open the window where the Homeschool Series files are saved.

3. Plug your kindle into your PC.

4. It should automatically open your kindle files in a new window, but if it doesn’t, go to the start menu, click on “Computer,” and then click on the kindle device that is listed (usually the E or F drive).

5. There is a documents folder on the kindle, open that window.

6. Find the window with the Homeschool Series files.  Hold the control key (Ctrl) and select all of them.

7. Drag the Homeschool Series files into the documents folder on the kindle.

8. Eject the kindle from your PC (never just pull out the cord).

Voila!  When you turn your kindle on, the files will appear in the books list.


8 thoughts on “Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series – For Kindle

  1. Kay Pelham says:

    Hmm…don’t know if this will work for me. I don’t have a Kindle. What I have is the Kindle app on my Droid. Any ideas before I ask my husband later this evening?


  2. Sue says:

    I have a suggestion re the Kindle app on Android. I have an iPad and I use the Kindle app on that. What I did was sign up for a free Dropbox account (2 GB of storage). You save your files to a folder in My Documents for Dropbox and then in the Dropbox app on your Android device you try to open the file. It will not be able to open it and will ask you if you want to use the Kindle app. That’s what it does on the iPad anyway. Not sure if the same applies to Android or not but that’s my way around it, for what it’s worth 🙂


  3. Julie Martin says:

    Wow! What a huge blessing! Thank you so much, and thanks so much also for the instructions on how to get them. You are appreciated.

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