Gratitude Sunday – 8/29/10

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means – it’s time to count my blessings!  This week I am thankful for…

1. The cooler weather that has descended on my desert home.  I am typing this up with the windows open and the a/c turned off for the first time since late in May.  It’s positively loverly.

2. Homemade pizza.  Nom, nom, nom!

3. My hard-working, dedicated, loyal, affectionate, honest husband.  ❤

4. My own space.  When I am tempted to grumble about something, I remember how great it is to be mistress of my own little patch of domesticity.

5. Friend “mirrors.”  These are people in my life who reflect back my worst faults so I can make corrections.  It’s never easy to see, but I am always better for it.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – 8/29/10

  1. Kris says:

    Man, I could use a friend mirror. Sometimes we don’t want to see the faults we have…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting all over! I’ll try to respond here.

    Yes, we’re on a 4 day schedule. I still plan to count hours on friday for some subjects, depending on what we work on (art, math games, etc…) but i’m trying to keep the sit down work to 4 days. We’ve never been able to stick with this plan but I’m more determined this year, than ever.
    You’re right about the 30 minute time slots. We have been doing some subjects as only 15 and some of those could be shortened even further. I see Math will need to stretch(although we can cut it down on week’s when Friday is all games, most of them math games) and literature we do an hour as well as an hour on silent reading. We’ll keep adjusting the amount of time.

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