What’s new, pussycat?

How are things going with everyone else?  Things here have been rather busy!  Aren’t they always?  I seem to do so well with blogging for a week or two and then it all goes downhill.

Anyway, we have had lots and lots going on these days.  The kids have been getting more active in two different homeschooling groups.  With one group, the kids are part of a “Green Team” and we have been focusing on ways to be more Earth-friendly.  There was a field trip to Plant World nursery to learn about desert-friendly plants, various animals, and ways to conserve water.

There have been trips to the Springs Preserve to learn about the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, and sustainable living.

The flash flood tour is a big hit!!!

I have to say, I have been enjoying this Green Team adventure as much as the kids have…maybe more!  We have a trip to the recycling plant next week and I am sure it will be as fun and informative as everything else we have done.

In another group, we recently had a “Spring Fling” party for all the families and it was SO much fun!  We grilled hot dogs and had a wonderful potluck at the park.  The kids did wheelbarrow races and played tug of war.  It was like field day, only with the whole family and without all the competition.  🙂

We also joined a book club.  The girls and I will be reading James and the Giant Peach over the next month.  We also made giant peaches with paper mache at  the first meeting.

Cole will be reading/continuing the Percy Jackson series with his new friend C.  Cole and C have really hit it off over all things DSi and Pokemon.  I am very happy about this because Cole has really been missing his best friends back in Maryland.  Progress!

We have a very exciting trip coming up tomorrow.  I won’t say anything more about it until I have pictures and a blog post ready to publish.  Other upcoming events include tennis lessons for Cole at the end of this month, possible piano lessons for Sydni, and a very merry Unbirthday party ( courtesy of moi).

I have joined a Bible study group made up of some homeschooling mamas.  We are doing Beth Moore’s Believing God study.  We started it on Saturday and I am feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated already.  I can’t wait to get through my homework for it each day.

I have noticed life in Las Vegas has taken on a more casual pace.  We are relaxing more, enjoying more, and letting go a little bit more.  I am feeling more confident about how much the kids are learning and I feel ok with loosening up the reins a bit and dabbling with some unschooling.

Just a bit…

I still need to have my schedules and plans and academic goals.  But y’all knew that already.  😉


One thought on “What’s new, pussycat?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cool! Alexander and I read James and the Giant Peach together at bedtimes before the baby was born. He loved it and I am sure your girls will, too! 🙂 The Green Team and all your activities sound so awesome! I am so drawn to homeschooling when you describe all these great things! 🙂

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