Random thoughts and preparations!

Well folks, I am in full swing. We are almost ready to start and things are busy, busy, busy for this mama! I am putting books & music on hold at the library, ordering a few books through paperback swap and amazon, perusing the internet for resources related to our topics, and just generally in a planning frenzy! I am getting all those final details pulled together to begin a fresh new school year.

I picked up new markers, glue sticks, and composition books from Walmart the other day. I also bought this white board/calendar to help Diva learn the the months and days of the year. Plus, it makes a perfect place to display our artist prints, and any other little notes I might need for school. Less than $10!

I popped over to Michael’s last night and bought the kids’ lap desks. They were such a good price (2 for $10) and now they will be able to move book work around the house rather than be forced to sit at the kitchen table all the time. They are thrilled and have been drawing all morning and moving from room to room. I think they might be happy. 🙂

I updated the side bar with our studies for Term 1, and I included most of the links to the books or resources we are using. I chose to link books to amazon since it is easy and the site gives plenty of info, as well as reviews. I buy them wherever they are cheapest!

I do have a nice youtube video lined up for our first hymn as well: All the Way my Savior Leads Me.

I am ready to get started and I can’t wait for next Tuesday. I decided to move up our start date from the 8th so I can add in a few field trips without falling behind before the Christmas break. Besides, the kids are asking me every day when we can start school. Hooray!

PS – A big “thank you” shout out to Jacquie for sending us awesome materials from the NOAA and the NIEHS.

PPS – The new blog should be launched VERY soon. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Random thoughts and preparations!

  1. Jacquie says:

    Becky — Looks as if you’re off to a great start for the 2008-2009 year! I’ll send more science and health-related materials soon.

    Also, if you need assistance with Amazon.com purchases, let me know how I can help. I’ll be happy to help purchase supplies, books, etc., that you, Super-boy, Diva and Monkey need for homeschool.

    I enjoy reading your updates! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Home School says:

    I like how you have all of your lessons planned out beforehand. I think all too often parents intend to wing their instruction and then wonder why the material they teach their children doesn’t stick.

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