Life with Hannah and Lily

I came across this blog today, and in just a few minutes, it has changed my life. This is the blog of your average, everyday mom. She writes with joy and enthusiasm about her two girls; Hannah and Lily. On July 19th, there was a terrible accident at the beach and Hannah drowned. But this woman’s courage, strength and beauty through this tragedy has touched my heart in a way you cannot believe. If you choose to read her blog, have a box of tissues handy. And then go hug your children. Every moment with them is a gift.

Life with Hannah and Lily


3 thoughts on “Life with Hannah and Lily

  1. karainmd says:

    I read about Hannah about a week ago and I couldn’t imagine the pain that the family is going through. I bawled my eyes out.

  2. eajoseph says:

    OMG. I cannot read all of this. For one things, the tears are too much. And if I continue, I’ll never let my kids let go of my hands. I cannot imagine (and pray I will never have this knowledge first hand) the horrible, devastating pain this family is going through. I admire her strength to try to move beyond the pain.

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